Problems only tall girls will understand

It’s harder to buy clothes than you would think

Being tall is harder then you think. There are obvious benefits but also drawbacks. I can see over crowds and I won’t get lost, but it is rare that I have adequate leg room and I can easily get cut out of a conversation between small folk, simply because I can’t hear. Most people understand this is a problem, but a lot of people don’t realise how hard it can be to buy clothes.

It is getting a lot better than it was when I was younger, when Long Tall Sally was the only place I could buy jeans that didn’t feel like they were cutting me in half. This was an expensive business though, so luckily now most shops, such as Topshop and New Look, have tall ranges. I still don’t think they understand our plight, however, as Topshop consider tall as 5”7, when I’m 6”2. A whole 7 inches which can easily translate into ankle biter or, worse, camel toe.



I believe this is a problem exclusive to tall girls, correct me if I’m wrong. But honestly, you petite gals don’t know how lucky you are. You actually intend to buy a crop top, whereas I end up with crop tops because my torso never ends. I’ve decided to give you a few examples of tall girl issues to show you what it’s really like.

High Heels

I’m not discouraging tall girls from wearing heels. I’ve worn them myself, but they are tricky. Why? The obvious reason: because they make you taller. Whilst this is great for a lot of people, it can make you feel uncomfortable if you are the tallest person in the room, with your friends in heels as well. Not only this, but all your clothes feel shorter for some reason, and if you’re already wearing something a little short then you’re screwed.

Dresses and Skirts

Everyone has their height in different places, but with dresses and skirts you know this is going to be a problem even if you have a long body and not legs. I have genuinely worn dresses as tops in the past to avoid looking like a hooker.

Skirts can be more forgiving, as you can pull them down so they are an appropriate length, but they are bound to ride up so much so that when you next sit down you may as well not have bothered.

I mean, its a top isn't it

I mean, it’s a top, isn’t it?

Everyone thinks you’re smaller than you are

“You can get those jeans in a size 10, for sure.”

Babe, my right leg is a size 10. Maybe it is people just being nice, but seriously, other people can’t judge it. I have gone to the tall section for a reason. I have already tried to kid myself that a normal dress will fit me, and then been horrified when I have made it to the changing room.

I don’t expect others to understand completely, but I’m not going to tell my small friends that baby clothes fit them, it’s about proportion people.

That height difference

That height difference

Dungarees and Playsuits

Just don’t bother.

Recently dungarees have come back into fashion, and playsuits have been fashionable for a longtime. Lots of people wear them, but do they appreciate how difficult these are for tall people to manage? It’s hard enough finding jeans that aren’t uncomfortable, let alone the added nightmare of having to find the top bit that fits as well! Ever wondered why you don’t see a lot of tall people wearing dungarees? This is why. We’ve probably thought they looked great on the mannequin and then nearly cut ourselves in half in the changing room.

High Waisted Clothes

My final rant is actually about high waisted items. Buying a short top isn’t really a problem, it’s buying bottoms long enough to bridge the gap. Why doesn’t high waisted actually mean high waisted? I mean a little tummy is fine, but I’m pretty sure the world doesn’t want to see my whole stomach. This means you have to really invest in bodycon because this stretches to be long enough to make you look slightly classy. It’s a nightmare.

This idea also applies to tights. XL often means extra large, not long (says the voice of experience) so you are left with baggy ankles but tights that don’t go up all the way. Worn with your skirt that’s too short but you pulled down and hoped for the best, this will often spell disaster. It makes you think your onesie at home would be better. Oh wait, you’re probably too long for that as well.


Well, this is awkward

Hopefully you don’t think I’m a mad giant after reading this, and if you are a tall lady I hope you recognise some of these problems. I actually love being tall and I’m in no way trying to criticise the smaller part of the population. Just next time you go shopping with your tall friend, maybe you should casually walk past the Topshop ‘tall’ section.