An ode to the UGG boot

It’s time we said goodbye to the icon of 2009

It’s a wintery Saturday in 2009 and you’re about to hit up the local shops with your mates. Your side fringe is swept across your forehead, your forearms are stylishly bedecked in woven/beaded bracelets and your kohl eyeliner is on fleek. The finishing touch? Your UGG boots, of course.

Along with band badges and flip phones, these boots were iconic of our youth. You would convince your mum they were a ‘sensible shoe’ because the fur made them the warmest option for winter. You wouldn’t tell her that they were also completely non-waterproof and susceptible to large amounts of wear and tear, minor details in the face of fashion. These aspects were irrelevant to you – you just needed to look good and these boots were the key.

those multicoloured legwarmers tho

We all thought UGG boots were unbelievably versatile, that you could wear them with ANY outfit. My favourite look was to wear them with leggings, denim shorts and a checked shirt (with poppers not buttons, obvs). The real style icons would wear them with legwarmers or knee high socks – so risque. You could dress UGGs up for parties and dress them down for your more chilled days playing on your mate’s Wii – they were the ideal shoe for the 14 year old girl. Not forgetting that the ultimate sleepover get up was of course a onesie and UGGS, and I still work this look on the way to the shop the morning after five too many VKs.

For some unknown reason the tan boots were always the unchallenged choice of the super stylish – if you dared walk into school with chocolate, or even stooped so low as to wear black boots then you were instantly diagnosed as ensembly challenged. And until recently if you didn’t roll the top over then you were a straight up fashion disaster. Don’t even get me started on the diamante encrusted UGGs – tacky and shit. Leave the back row and sit at the front with the kid who eats his bogeys until you can redeem your horrendous choice, you heathen.

so chic xo

Of course, the unsupportive nature of the boots always inevitably led to this conundrum ^ and soon we had all abandoned the concept of soles and chose to slowly wear holes in the sides of our beloved UGGs. You’d slouch along the street, scuffing your boots as the UGGs somehow inhibited you normal ability to pick your feet up and wondering why you could feel stones through them. Who needs soles anyway?

Note how my chocolate UGGs contrast with the super cool tan ones in the background

But now it’s 2016 UGGs are more “What are those?!” than “Daaamn Daniel” and everybody knows it. Supportive shoes are in, non-waterproof fur lined boots are out. Sorry UGGs, but it’s time for us to move on and leave you in 2009 with our headbands and printed Hollister tees. Adios, amigos.