Why coming to RoHo was the best decision of my life

It’s the hidden gem of Surrey

Royal Holloway has long been known (for those who have actually heard of it) as the literal outsider of the ‘University of London’ clique: stuck alone out in Egham. However, for me, coming here was the best decision I’ve ever made.

It’s a worldie

After you’ve got through the pains of explaining that Royal Holloway isn’t actually in London and you get to show your friends a picture, their jaw will drop. They’ll never forget where it is again.

Showing off Founders is guaranteed to make you feel proud.

Best that, Kings.

Beat that, Kings.

Not only is it better looking than any other of the London Colleges, but it gives a lot of Oxbridge Colleges a run for their money. And we’re allowed to walk on the grass.

Room to breathe

It’s not just the building that is beautiful, but the surrounding area takes some beating too. We are lucky enough to have Windsor Great Park on our doorstep.

No, Egham is not the most attractive little town in the world, but beyond that, this area is stunning.

Go to Virginia Water and pretend that your problems don't exist.

Go to Virginia Water and pretend that your problems don’t exist.

Virginia Water is a stone’s throw away and is an ideal place to forget about those looming deadlines and endless essays. Lie down on the grass, listen to the lapping of the water, lose yourself in those beautiful surroundings.


Windsor Great Park is a stunner.

There’s nothing like a brisk walk down the tree lined avenue from Windsor Castle to The Copper Horse and back to blow away the cobwebs. For a fitness freak, this 6 mile round trip would make for a great run (I imagine).

No, we are not in London, but with these surroundings who would want to be? Hop on the train and in 37 minutes you can be in the hustle and bustle of the capital, but when it all gets too much, a RoHo student can retreat back to the leafy suburbs and escape from it all. The poor King’s and UCL students are trapped.

Even the Queen agrees: there’s a reason Windsor Castle is her second home.

We’re not just a pretty face

We’ve got brains as well as beauty at RoHo: we’re actually very academic. It’s not just Founders that you should be proud to show off to your friends, but the rankings give you bragging rights too.

RoHo is 19th in the UK according to the 2015 University Rankings and it sits in the top 1% in the world. Yes. The top 1%. In the world. You can’t argue with stats. A degree from here is just as impressive as Founders itself.

It’s also in the top ten for International Outlook in the UK, which is evident on campus. I have met and made friends with people from four continents in my first few months here. This is undeniably one of the most valuable aspects of Royal Holloway’s approach to its students.


We’ve got it all

Studying here gives you the best of both worlds. You get the benefit of being part of the world-class University of London, yet with a friendly close knit campus feel. You get the benefit of one of the world’s largest cities being just over half an hour away with the added perk of actual green spaces to escape to.

I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. Is there anything that Royal Holloway doesn’t have?