When Pimp My Summer Ball got serious

Teesside may have won the battle but they haven’t won the war for #PimpmySummerBall.

Last week war began. What started as a simple contest to win an extra 50,00 pounds to spend on the Summer ball turned into a battle that raged across the Twitter-sphere. Insults were shared, shade was thrown and things got messy. It all began with some simple tweeting of the #PimpmySumerBallRHUL and Teesside romped into an early lead. However, unlike other unis we quickly raised our game and caught them (Oxford I’m looking at you – while you may do well in a league table 11 tweets is just tragic).  Celebrities were spammed and the battle for re tweets begun.


Someone certainly has ambitions.

Soon students took up the baton and joined in with the spamming. 12805934_10208242796410639_5053109457597500682_n12799359_10205619678235777_5413485087556219125_n (1)1459687_10209250652564581_3286518043264304547_n

While for some reason these celebrities did not respond, others felt far kinder. Our Alumni did us proud as Example and KT Tuntstall tweeted the hash tag. Vernon Kay, Wheetus, Katy B and Scouting for Girls all helped out, showing how you can never forget performing at our SU. This along with some obsessive tweeting (whoever runs that Medicine account I’m looking at you) led to us clawing back the lead, and has seen us reach a monstrous 241369 tweets of the hash tag.


This even happened

However, the war has not been won, and in response Teesside have raised their game and amassed 339484 tweets but we can’t let them win. In 2014, they won and spent the money on a school disco in a car park and for their own good we can’t allow this to happen again. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a5nsiY-pihI). In order to save them from this we’ve got to win and show them how it’s done. We may only have 9,000 students, but we live in Egham where the only place worth visiting is Runnymede Ribs. So now is the time to abandon the essays and take to twitter. Embrace the procrastination, join the battle and tweet #PimpmySummerBallRoyalHolloway.