Where’s the really friendly security guard outside Founders gone?

The ultimate BNOC that lit up our mornings

If you’ve had a 9am at any point in the last term you’ll know exactly who the friendly security guard is. He brightens our days by saying hi to every single person who walks past, and his picture on spotted was one of the most liked posts. Some people don’t say hi back to him or even smile (you are the worst btw), but everyone else will happily smile and return the compliment that he have a nice day with renewed energy for the day ahead.

He’s basically a local celeb on campus and makes the 9am trek across campus slightly more bearable, even in your hungover state after too many £1.50 drinks at Toast. When he encounters you on the way to your Friday 9am, his excited reminder that it’s nearly the weekend provides all the comfort needed to finalise another week of seemingly endless formative essays and lectures.


The ultimate BNOC

However, the past couple of weeks the happy security guard has not been seen in his usual spot. In his new found and unwelcome absence, there’s been new security guards who make no attempt to even acknowledge you as you make your way onto campus for your 3rd disgustingly consecutive 9am.

They also seem to prefer the orange high vis jacket over the happy man’s signature yellow which (maybe it’s just that everything he does/says/wears in general seems fabulous) seemed to give off a much happier, optimistic vibe in the early mornings, as opposed to the harsh glare from the orange jackets and dejected expressions of the new security guards which would darken anyone’s day.


All around me are familiar faces

Admittedly, it’s likely that the threat of looming deadlines is the reason behind this, but has anyone else noticed how gloomy everyone seems now in his absence? Please return to us happy security man, and soon preferably – exams will be easier to face if we at least get a happy greeting on the way in and a reminder to ‘have a great weekend’.