What do students at other universities really think of RHUL?

‘Isn’t that a prison?’

We asked ten people from different universities what they thought of Royal Holloway. The outcome is certainly no surprise. We could lie and say that people outside of the Egham bubble actually know about us, but we all know that’s just not true.

Ellen – University of Sussex

12809922_10208191666530013_324419761_oIt’s a very good university and the staff make you feel welcome, but the location is a bit shit. University of London is a lie. It’s really pretty though.

Danny – Loughborough University


I literally have no idea where that is or if it’s even a real place.

Luke – University of Lincoln


I don’t really know much about Royal Holloway but it seems like posh old buildings where posh twats live, am I right?

Natasha – Northumbria University


Brad – Nottingham Trent University


Isn’t that a prison not a uni?

Amy – UEA

12509683_10208630776185892_1080948942202677901_nI know literally nothing about it, it sounds like something out of Harry Potter though.

Chelsi – Brunel University


HOGWARTS! And they have a really good dance society but it’s crazy expensive to live there, right?

Liam – University of South Wales

Hint hint - drama student.

Hint hint – drama student

People that go there obviously don’t like nights out or having a social life because you’re basically in the middle of nowhere

June – Aston Business School

It’s a super pretty building, and it’s pretty decent seeing as it’s an AAB entry requirement for Business so, I think it has a good rep for most things, but it’s a bit in the middle of nowhere but pretends it like a proper London uni when it’s really not.

Josh – Leeds Beckett University


Josh would fit in pretty well with the Harry Potter theme

I have vaguely heard of it and seen it in an Avengers film but that’s it.

To sum it up, according to students from ten other universities, we are a good university that has a questionable existence, saturated with unsociable posh people, have strong connection to Harry Potter and  a confusing location. What a way to define Royal Holloway.