Why do guys still think it’s OK to catcall girls?

Shouting out that we have nice tits doesn’t count as flirting

Firstly, it needs to immediately be established that it never works. No girl is honestly going to respond to a catcall by running up to a catcaller and trying to flirt. It’s usually creepy as fuck, and if anything you’ve made us feel more uncomfortable and therefore unlikely to respond to you. So really when you think about it, you’ve just shot yourself down by trying to approach a girl in a way that just appears creepy and makes us feel like you’ll try to follow us home.

Unfortunately though, catcalling has become an unavoidable part of an ordinary night out with friends as you leave a bar or club. It is actually expected unless you happen to have a couple of guy friends with you which seems to fend other guys off slightly, which in itself proves how ridiculous catcalling is. Why does it take having a guy out with a group of girls, for catcallers to realise they maybe shouldn’t do it?


Even the builders on campus have been doing it since they started the construction for the new library. If anything, catcalling can be ignored or passed off as immaturity or an attempt to have banter with their mates if the guy is at least your own age, but seriously – if a guy significantly older than you tries to catcall or whistle at you, it can only be described as cringe worthy.

Why do older guys do this to students while at work though? They should know better than to catcall students who are legitimately half their own age. It makes them as bad as guys who go to clubs and think it’s cool to try and casually grope you out of nowhere. It’s not going to work, so just save yourself the embarrassment of us blanking you, and us feeling insecure by just leaving it in the first place.

It becomes normal to hear random people catcall you on a night out and ignore it, but in broad daylight when you’re surrounded by friends or other students, why do they still act surprised when girls respond with a look that essentially says fuck off. It’s also laughable when guys think they’re smooth shouting out at you from their cars as they drive past. I’ve had a guy honk at me and shout out the window, only for him to have to stop at a red light two minutes later while I walked past him and gave him a dirty look – it made him look like even more of an idiot than before. Basically don’t behave like a cocky 15 year old trying to prove how much of a lad they are in front of their mates and act your age.

After a long night out, no girl is going to believe anything you shout out to them anyway, especially while in the presence of your friends. Instead we’ll most likely know you’re bullshitting in an attempt to look cool, and wish you’d just approached us like a normal person.

It’s even worse if you happen to see someone catcalling someone else as a way of insulting them. If the person being catcalled is alone while the catcaller is with all their mates, it’s neither funny nor cool and has probably intimidated them more than you know.

If a guy approaches a girl while out and offers to buy her a drink but she says no thanks, it’s a) more likely that they’ll at least get a response from the girl or b) still leave with a lot more respect from her, as opposed to if they’d just shouted across the road that she has nice tits.