I tried all of the flapjacks on campus to find RHUL’s best flavour

Tbh I just want my cherry bakewell one back

With the relocation of the SU shop, came the demise of the campus flapjacks. Last year, I found happiness in a cherry bakewell flapjack and it was glorious. One bite and my day was made instantly better. After handing out Tab freebies at the fresher fair, I wanted nothing more than to re-introduce myself with the fabulous flapjack after a long summer away from them.

To my absolute horror, I discovered that they had changed and the new ones are nowhere near as good. Yes, OK, I may have had a little paddy that they didn’t have my flapjack. So I took it upon myself to try the majority of the flapjacks on campus. I did it, and I’ve recorded the results so you don’t have to.

If heaven had a flavour.

If heaven had a flavour.

The New Bakewell

The substitute I first tried was absolutely nothing compared to the taste sensation of the original bakewell. The topping had a weird texture and there’s not a single cherry in sight. Nothing but disappointment and heartbreak here.

Disappointment and lies.

Disappointment and lies.

The New, New Bakewell

This one is better than the new bakewell, but still not a patch on the original. There’s very little taste to it and bakewell is all about the almond/cherry party in my mouth.

It'll do I guess.

It’ll do I guess.

Chocolate Chip

When the packet tells you that it’s has ‘chocolate flavour’ chips, you know you’re in for a bumpy ride. What even are chocolate flavour chips?! Surely a chip made of actual chocolate isn’t too much to ask for?! This flapjack was particularly greasy and the chocolate flavoured chips tasted like advent calendar chocolate you have left from 2003.

Chocolate 'flavoured' chips? You mad?

Chocolate ‘flavoured’ chips? You mad?


It might have been the fact that I’d eaten 4 flapjacks in one day, or the fact that I was very hungover, but by the time I’d finished this one, I felt incredibly sick. It was nice, but maybe half a bar would have been better as it was very sickly and sweet.

Maybe shouldn't have eaten 4 in one day.

Maybe shouldn’t have eaten 4 in one day.


Again, it was ‘chocolate flavoured’ but not as bad as the chocolate chip at all. Pretty average but edible. Not a bad shout.

Would i eat this again?

Would i eat this again?

Strawberry Jam

One bite was all it took. This was one of the worst things I’ve ever had in my mouth. I couldn’t swallow it so it was spat straight into my bin. Just don’t even think about buying one unless you like the taste of plastic.

Just don't.

Just don’t.


The only reason I go to Bedford these days seems to be to buy food. But their flapjacks are so much better than the ones in the SU shop. Although they are twice the price, so swings and roundabouts really. Whilst not being a cherry bakewell, at least there was actual cherries in it. I was pleasantly surprised.

The only reason to go to Bedford.

The only reason to go to Bedford.


Pieces of dried, weird tasting mango do not belong inside flapjack. Especially when the flapjack is also super dry. Cherry, you got my hopes up with Bedford flapjacks, mango, you shattered those hopes.

Why did the bother making these?

Why did they bother making these?


Finally, on the 5th day of flapjack eating, I found one that is both enjoyable, not dry, and tastes of something. Pecan flapjack you’re doing it right.

The winning bar.

The winning bar.

We had a petition for the back gate to stay open –  surely the severe lack of decent flapjack is just as important an issue. I think at this time we all just need to rally together to bring back my beloved cherry bakewell flavour. Strength in numbers, after all.