300 Summer Ball tickets will be sold at the bargain price of just £35

Get your tents ready to camp out

As promised, the SU delivered their first announcement about the highly anticipated Summer Ball today: 300 tickets will be sold at £35.

The tickets will go on sale at March 24 at 9am.

Although no acts have been confirmed yet, the tickets are being sold on the same day the headliner act will be announced, plus it’s also the day of the Easter Blowout, so the SU will be heaving.

Know what you're wearing yet?

Know what you’re wearing yet?

The £35 ticket price is very reasonable considering the tickets were sold at £75 last year.

Tickets are expected to sell out quickly and are limited to one per person. They also have to be bought in person at Tommy’s in the SU if you want to get your hands on one.

Will you last until the survivors photo?

Will you last until the survivors photo?

There are more details available on the Facebook page for the Launch event, and on the SU’s Summer Ball blog.