Why Briz is best

Alright me babber?

No we don’t all sound like farmers or know Banksy.

Growing up in Bristol there is always something going on, or something to do. With a vibrant nightlife and quirky events going on all over the city, you can never be bored. Here are a few reasons why the capital of the south west is so great:

It’s beaut

Although it is a big city, and used to be a major industrial port, Briz is still beautiful. The Bristol Suspension bridge is recognisable, and the views from it, on a nice day, are stunning.

We don’t have to drive very far to be in the country either, just over the bridge there are a couple of big country estates where you can take long muddy walks and probably get lost. Not only that, but the docks area of Bristol is surprisingly pretty for a port, especially at the harbour festival every year in summer.


Our nightlife is on point

Being a university city a night out in Bristol is always going to be good. My personal favourite is starting at the top of Park Street, and seeing if you can still walk at the bottom, taking in a pitcher (or two…) at Spoons on your way down.

There are 123 clubs and bars of every sort in Bristol, so you’re spoilt for choice really. There are loads of different venues, so you can do your cheesy pop night and dance to Taylor Swift, or hit up Blue Mountain for DnB or grime music (I’ve never been, I’m not cool enough…).

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There’s always live music on somewhere, The Fleece is one of the most famous, and it was where George Ezra started performing, miles from Budapest (sorry..). Oh and does your home have a nightclub that is a boat? Didn’t think so….

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Bristol has its own language

Although a dying vernacular, Bristolian can still be used in everyday life. Here are some definitions, tourist Bristolian if you will:

Gert Lush’: Very nice. ‘That kebab was Gurt Lush’

Arkatee’: Used to draw attention to something or someone. ‘Arkatee, a bus has actually arrived on time’

Cheers Drive’: Stuck for what to say when you get off the bus? ‘Cheers drive’ simple, yet effective

Where to?’: Where is that? Where’s your house to?’ (we like to be specific in Briz)

Alright me lover?’: How are you? (you don’t actually have to be their lover, just to clarify)

Our Mayor wears red trousers

‘Nuff said really. Although some people dislike his policies (especially as you can’t park anywhere in central Bristol anymore!!!) he is pretty darn cool always wearing red trousers, encouraging youth politics, welcoming Syrian refugees, and helping Bristol become the European Green Capital 2015.

Bristolians are mildly insane

I hope I began to convey this in the ‘own language’ section, but Bristolians are potty and I love them. One example of this is every year or so, we put statues around the city, normally of Aardman characters, get various people to decorate them, make maps of where they are, and then go and take pictures by them…

My mum making her Tab debut

My mum making her Tab debut

People also decorate windows with winter scenes for Window Wanderland in February. Don’t ask.


We have the oldest girl school in the country

380 years of being the best, Red Maids is the oldest girl school in England, and possibly the world. Each year in November central Bristol closes and students walk around the streets in red coats for Founders day, I know its mad but its also kind of cute.


You grow to love Founders day…

We’re pretty artsy

Bristol is a pretty cool city, it’s very arty and indie, and there are always really good, if somewhat weird, art exhibitions all over the place, especially at the Arnolfini.

Banksy himself is a Bristolian and his work is very visible all around Bristol, with street art from him popping up everywhere. In the summer 2015 there was an exhibition called Dismaland at nearby Weston Super Mare, which was set up by Banksy himself.


We were trying to look dismal

We were trying to look dismal

So there you have it. It’s a strange, vibrant and beautiful city, and we love it. Book your train tickets now people!