Third year house almost burgled

One resident was alone in the house when two strangers tried to break in

On Friday third year Marta Jasinska was a near victim of daylight robbery as two men attempted to break into her house on Kingsley Avenue, Englefield Green .

Marta was studying in her living room alone when she was disturbed by loud banging on the front door. Due to the intensity of the knocking, Marta crawled across the floor so as not to be seen, and looked through the peephole.

“It was someone I didn’t know,” she told The Tab, “he looked very angry when I refused to open the door. At this point I didn’t realise I was being burgled.”

When she didn’t let the stranger in, he began banging on the lower floor windows and another stranger appeared at the back door. They appeared to be putting gloves on, preparing to break into the house. Luckily when they saw her through the door they ran off, and Marta called the police and her housemates.

Artistic recreation of the scene

This is the latest in a long line of incidents in Englefield Green this term, including the sexual assaults on Rusham Road and St Jude’s Road. Luckily this was a near miss, but there has been a rise in the number of burglaries this term. Keep your doors locked, kids.