How are your New Year’s resolutions going?

February is the new January

When 2015 ended, many New Year’s resolutions started. How are Roho’s freshers getting on with their resolutions one month on?

Sophie, French and German

My resolution was to go to all of lectures for the rest of the year, but I’ve slept through all my German grammar lectures so far.

Harry, History

My New Year’s resolution was not to appear in another Tab article. This hasn’t gone very well.


Morgana, English

I was going to cut down on pizza this year, but I had pizza for dinner tonight.


Harry, History

My resolution is to get more organised, and not write my essays the night before they’re due. I haven’t pulled any all-nighters yet, so fingers crossed.


Emily, Spanish and Management

This year I’m going to try and be more positive about everything, and try to have a better outlook on life because why shouldn’t I be positive? I should probably tell you it’s going well so far to try and be positive.


Amit, Economics with French

My New Year’s resolution was to start eating more healthily, because it’s so hard to eat healthily as a student.  It actually went well until the start of February when my friend bought McDonald’s and I couldn’t resist, and then I went to Kaspas twice in one week!


Lizzie, History and French

This year I’m trying to stay healthy and not let myself get run down. I started the term with good intentions and I bought a smoothie maker. But I haven’t used it yet and I’ve had tonsillitis so maybe I’ll have to do something else for Lent and try again.


Royal Holloway students don’t seem to be doing that well so far, but if February is the new January, there’s still time to start!