You won’t find a more beautiful hometown than Salisbury

It’s officially better than Vienna and Toronto

Returning home to the middle-class mecca of Salisbury can seem a dull prospect. Once you’ve reunited with family and friends it seems there isn’t much else to do.

At first it was hard to understand what led Lonely Planet to place Salisbury ahead of world famous cities such as Vienna and Toronto on its list of cities to visit last year, especially since most uni friends don’t even know where it is. However, Salisbury has supermodel looks and much much more to look forward to returning to over Easter.

It ups your Insta-game

We take the opportunity of being home to give our Instagrams a cleanse as well as our bodies. Salisbury has raw Insta-potential.

The towering Cathedral Spire is the perfect place to start, for what trip to Salisbury is complete without a post featuring the tallest spire in the UK?

It’s not Salisbury that’s monotonous, it’s your Instagram

Even the worst of photographers can take a stunning photo with the mere addition of a filter. Add a witty caption and you’ve got yourself a killer post.

The night time is the right time

We have Glastonbury for the bourgeoisie

Summer festivals don’t get posher than Lamer Tree. Set in a quaint, landscaped garden just outside Salisbury, and with the allure of big names like Paloma Faith, Jools Holland and even Tom Jones, the locals flock in hoards to these manicured lawns.

Wooden stage complete with peacock

This is probably the only festival in the world that has resident peacocks and a 19th Century wooden stage complete with painted mural.

Recently the festival won the “Best Toilets Award”: I think that kind of sums it up.

We can be liberal too…

Not everyone is middle class, in fact, with Stonehenge just a stone’s throw away, Salisbury also attracts the lefties (twice a year).

The Summer and Winter Solstice are world famous and tourists come from worldwide to the stones to see the sun rise at the ancient stones.

The world famous Solstice sunrise

This ancient ritual is headed up by local Neo-Druid, activist, Independent Parliament Candidate and Pagan Priest, Arthur Pendragon, who believes himself to be King Arthur reincarnated.

It doesn’t get much more liberal than that.

We have more coffee shops than we could possibly ever need

All these stunning views can be quite exhausting and we can’t be blamed for feeling a little down after realising that a city is more attractive than us. If we need a break though, we know that Salisbury has the highest coffee shop:resident ratio in the country (probably) and each comes with its own allure.

Boston Tea Party is the ideal spot to appreciate some more of the Salisbury medieval aesthetic. The 14th Century building is the ideal place to revitalise Salisbury style. It is also the favourite haunt for the local grammar schools as the Bishops’ Boys and South Wilts Girls drink the place dry of mochas on a Friday afternoon. You know that if the hum of Rugby banter and the overwhelming aroma of lynx isn’t your thing, it’s probably best to stay away at that time, and retreat to one of the two Costas.

It’s a perfect escape for when you need to get away from it all

Arguably the best thing about Salisbury is the road out. Honestly. Salisbury is the escape from which to escape.

We can be on the beautiful golden sands of Bournemouth in under an hour among the bright lights of London in around an hour and a half on the train.

Salisbury’s neighbours are pretty too

So when this all gets too much, it’s easy to get away from.

Really, what more could we want?