What’s the weirdest gift you’ve ever gotten for Valentine’s Day?

Roses and chocolates are for basic bitches

With Valentine’s Day this weekend, people are looking for interesting gifts to buy their girlfriend or boyfriend as opposed to sticking with the same old flowers and chocolate combo. We asked people what’s the weirdest gift they’ve ever received.

Jasmine, second year, Film and Television


Penis pasta.

Kat, second year, English


A stress relief penis and some candy underwear.

Amy, second year, History


I’ve had pretty normal gifts but some really creepy cards. I got one once with “I’ve watched you wondering around you’re so beautiful” from someone and it didn’t say who it was from.

Blake, first year, Graphics


A joint.

Lauren, second year, History


A three month subscription to World of Warcraft and a Pikachu cuddly toy.

Amanda, third year, Psychology


A mood ring.

Isabel, third year, English and Creative Writing


A ready meal from waitrose.

Toby, postgrad, History


I told my ex girlfriend that I had no money so it would have to be a budget gift for Valentines Day. She then went ahead and bought us tickets for a trip to Venice and gave me the bill.

Charley, second year, English


A SnapBack and a date at McDonald’s.

If you’re stuck for ideas for your boyfriend, girlfriend or just want to make your housemates day, take note, any gifts resembling these will ensure an unforgettable Valentine’s Day.