fuckboy definition

How would you define a fuckboy?

There was a lot of anger but no one named and shamed

How are you a fuckboy? Here’s your ultimate fuckboy definition

In the last couple of years it has become a widely known term. However, while most people have similar ideas on what a fuckboy is, social media is now usually overrun with tweets, yaks or Facebook jokes about fuckboys. Social media also shows guys react negatively to what has now become a loose term to essentially describe acting like a prick, and the majority of the backlash towards the term is that most people dislike how general it is. So, we decided to ask people for their fuckboy definition.

Charley, second year, English


A guy who doesn’t call you back and uses you, they won’t want to commit even though they act like they will.

Hannah, second year, English

A twat.

Luke, second year, History


Someone who messes a girl around with no intention of explaining his actions.

Lauren, second year, History

A guy who takes advantage of the high girl to boy ratio here just to mess someone around. So unfair.

Caitlin, second year, Drama and Theatre & Claire, second year, Drama and Theatre

(She's the girl on the right)

Caitlin: A boy who doesn’t know what it is to be a man and lets you down when you most need them, purely because they don’t understand life and they are really really naive. They have no feelings basically.

Claire: Someone who thinks with their dick and is not fun because they think too much about being a “lad”.

Narryn, first year, Geology


Someone who has sex with you and wants nothing else.

Amy, first year, Geology


A dick, someone who is rude, horrible and inconsiderate. They cheat on you and don’t give a fuck. I don’t like the term.

Emily, first year, Film and Television & Harry, second year, Geography


Emily: Someone who plays you around, anyone can be classed as a fuckboy.

Harry: Someone who goes out with the intention to pull.

Based on RHUL, a fuckboy is essentially someone who just wants to sleep around and not commit, while pretending that they will eventually. So to anyone arguing that they’re being unfairly called a fuckboy, if any of this sounds familiar then you may want to rethink your argument.