There probably weren’t any police searching campus for drugs yesterday

Yik Yak was panicking but nobody actually saw anything

Paranoia and panic gripped campus yesterday after rumours police and canine units were in Founders searching rooms for drugs appeared on Yik Yak.

Security denied all knowledge of a police search, while students living in halls were also bemused and unsure of what was happening.

One student, who preferred to remain anonymous and was ironically high at the time, told the Tab: “I’m pretty sure they’re fake, just to like stir up tension.”

Another student asked: “Is it a hoax? Because if it is, who the fuck started that shit, literally – I hope it’s a hoax. Just the idea of police going through my room while I’m not there makes me uncomfortable. Because I’ve got dodgy shit in my room. I’ve not got drugs and stuff, but, like, knives.”

One Founders resident thinks the searches were fake and designed to scare students, while it’s been theorised the rumours spread after one student was allegedly caught selling drugs at the SU last Friday.

Meanwhile the YikYakkers share their own thoughts:

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