What does your choice of VK say about you?

Only freshers pick blue

Coming to Royal Holloway, we may have all envisaged sophisticated nights spent drinking Montepulciano and Martini’s, only to be completely converted to the fruit and sweet goodness of VKs.

But your choice of flavour says a lot about you.



You absolutely love the buzz of getting your VK claws on. You’re usually the first person to heed the DJ’s request to “put your fucking hands up”.

An endangered species, rarely seen on the dance floor, you’re most likely to be found at the back of the SU becoming acquainted with the tonsils of someone you met like five minutes ago.


Orange and passion fruit

You actually enjoy VKs, and if it were socially acceptable you’d happily bring a crate to pre-drinks. You probably love it so much that you pour it into plastic cups around your mates to give the illusion you’re drinking a “proper” drink.

You’re relatively timid and laid-back in the daytime but after a few drops of this precious serum your alpha qualities emerge. Your impressive work ethic means you don’t go out much, but when you do you eagerly showcase your eyebrow-raising dance moves.


Apple and mango

See: fleeky. You’re the life of the party, from your outfit to your dance moves, you’ve got it going on. Your impressive moves mean you’re always making friends on nights out.

You can be found in the centre of a dance circle, with a bunch of people you just met, tearing up that dance floor. Not one to be held back from dancing by anything, you happily kick and shuffle your way through the sea of discarded VK bottles.

Despite spending most of your time on the dance floor, you always seem to wake up to myriad of embarrassing texts.



You’re not a real adult and your VK choice so eloquently reflects this. You adore the similarity of VKs to WKD. You look back on the days of guzzling alcopops underage at your mate’s house parties with a feeling of nostalgia and pride.

Not one to discriminate your beverages, if alcohol is there so are you, meaning you’re always first to get cracking at pres. A wild child at heart, four blue VKs and you’re absolutely gone. A sufferer of severe FOMO, you can be found at most SU events getting so drunk you barely remember where you live.


More than one flavour

Not pointing fingers but you’re probably the type of person to pelt your empty bottles through the air. Also the type to elbow their way through any and every group of people you can.