Angry email sent to Gowar and Wedderburn after fire alarm feud

Who even cooks bacon at 3am?

The past week has seen a rise in the fire alarms going off in Gowar and Wedderburn in the early hours of the morning, culminating in an email from fire safety warning residents not to purposefully set off fire alarms.

Frequent fire alarms in the Wedderburn and Gowar area are not unheard of, as residents are regularly turfed out in the morning, guessing which block has done it this time.


Own up people

However, this week the ante has definitely been upped, with the alarm going off nearly every day, often multiple times. Is this a Gowar vs Wedderburn turf war? Or is it just a lot of burnt toast?

The University Fire Safety Officer sent Gowar and Wedderburn residents an email on the “Fire Detector Attacks.” In the email he states that smoke and heat detectors have been targeted by naked flames, students have been wedging open doors whilst cooking which activates the fire alarms in the hallways and bedrooms, and in bedrooms there has also been evidence of residents “tampering” with fire alarms, presumably so the 9am fire alarm test doesn’t wake them up.

“There may be some kind of misguided feud/competition going on here. Whatever is driving you to do this, I am asking you now to stop; before someone gets hurt, or worse”, he says in the email.


First year Gowar resident Caroline Barker told The Tab: “Quite simply, if you set off a fire alarm on purpose just to inconvenience people, you are an arsehole, no two ways about it. Do they not have anything better to do?”

Will the turf war continue, or will freshers finally get some sleep?