Meet the third year who’s only missed three SU nights this year

And it’s helping him get better grades

Laith Luay is a final year Management student from West London and something of an urban legend – in the entirety of his third year at RoHo he’s attended every SU night except three.


Laith is just a simple guy with a big dream: to make the SU a daily event

Laith’s love for the SU is unparalleled. He tells us: “There is only one year left before real life starts, so I’ve decided to make the most of it. It’s a fun place because you see everyone you know – Friday is my favourite because there’s normally an afterparty and there’s more people out. The best night hands down was the paint party in freshers.”

Controversially, the third year detests VKs, claiming there’s too much sugar and it’s too sticky – he’s all about the hard alcohol. However, if he was forced to pick a colour it would be the trusty blue.

They all come back to the VK

They all come back to the VK

When asked why he missed those three SU nights, Laith explains: “The first one was Wednesday in reading week, because my parents were going to Rome and I wanted to see them before they went. The second time was in November and it was my close friend’s birthday house party. The last one was Blowout before Christmas, and I was on the ski trip.”

The management finalist is aware his final year is important: “Obviously it’s third year so I need to do work. For every SU night out I’ve done at least two hours in the library before going, just so I didn’t feel guilty. This term just gone is the best grades I’ve had at university.”


You don’t bring friends at the SU, you meet friends

Laith claims his friends are both impressed and horrified at his SU record. “They love it because there’s always someone to go out with – I don’t need any persuading. But there are some people who think I need to get my life together and just work.”

Ignore the haters, Laith, you keep doing you.