What you’ll miss about home now you’re back at uni

Why won’t anyone make me a cup of tea?

Your bed at home

There’s nothing better. It’s warm, comfortable, doesn’t creak when you move and it smells like home. No matter how much you think your bed at uni is comfortable, there’s just something about your bed back home that makes you feel like you’ll never want to leave, which you unfortunately have to.

Hometown friends

These are the people you’ve known for years, and while you’ve been back you’ve realised how much you missed them. They know you like the back of their hand, and things went back to normal straight away, even though you’ve been spread around the country since September. Now you’ve all had to go your separate ways again and chatting over Whatsapp just isn’t the same.


Someone to make you a cup of tea

Although you’re now an independent undergrad who can do what they like, sometimes a cup of tea can go a long way, especially if someone else has made it for you. Your mum asking if you want a cuppa will be sorely missed first thing after a night out.

Driving your car

For months you’d been walking everywhere. At home though journeys are both easier and quicker because of the wonderful invention also known as the car. The luxury of driving, or being driven, will soon be cruelly taken away from you once again. Instead, you’ll struggle up the cliff they call Egham hill, with overloaded Tesco bags because you were determined not to waste another 5p.

The weather (if you’re an international student)

You had a whole month away from the annoying drizzle and rain, but now the classic English weather has returned and you’ve started to wonder if it’s too late to get a return flight home.


Proper food

When you were back home for Christmas you were finally able to eat something that wasn’t solely carbohydrate-based. What’s more, there was a seemingly unlimited supply, making you wonder how your parents can afford this amount of food. Now though, the four weeks of being spoilt with proper food that takes longer than 15 minutes to prepare are over. The pasta-based diet you normally live off at uni is going to come as a bit of a shock.

Your pet(s)

They’d almost forgotten you, but not quite. Although miffed you left them for three months, they soon accepted you back as their own, jumping onto your bed at 7am. Now you’re off again, and they’ll wake up from a nap wondering where you’ve gotten to. No amount of cute photos from your family, however, will ever make up for the real thing.