Getting paid to party: Roho’s Spotify brand rep on her dream uni job

She’ll sponsor your social and bring along her PS4

Natasha Barrett has managed to blag one of the best student jobs around – being a brand rep for Spotify. We chatted to her to find out what the role is like.


With one of the infamous cups

So firstly, talk us through your role. What do you do?

There’s lots of different elements to it. One of the big ones is that I have to run the Royal Holloway Spotify profile. I have to put up different playlists for different themes – I’m trying to get some together from different societies, and for different events at the SU.

I got given the whole party kit, which is meant to be for supporting socials. I have the speaker, the lights, and all those paper cups. I also got a PS4 and Guitar Hero… so I’m meant to sponsor socials for societies, media outlets, and different events on campus. It’s been hard to do it this term as everyone’s been so busy and I’ve struggled to advertise the service, so I need to get the word out more. If your society wants me to sponsor your social, then drop me a line.

Well it all sounds pretty amazing, how did you manage to blag the job?

I thought it was going to be really easy to apply for it, because I didn’t think anyone else from Royal Holloway ran for it. I know the people who did it last year and the year before, so I thought “oh this is really easy to get onto” and it turned out to be this really intense process. They employ 50 students at unis around the country. Every stage I got through I was so shocked I’d made it.

We had an assessment day that was like being on The Apprentice. I had to make a presentation on what I would do with the role and how I would run a certain event and it was all business type stuff. It was really scary and intense, but I managed to get through it.


Giving out welcome packs to freshers

So are you loving life now, or is it kind of stressful trying to juggle it around other commitments?

It’s really fun to do, and I don’t know if I should say this, but it’s actually quite easy. Anything you do for it is basically really fun. I’ve only really started stuff in the past couple of weeks cos I’ve had so much other stuff going on [Natasha is also the Women and Marginalised Gender’s Officer at the SU], but I’ve recently been coming up with lots more ideas for it.

I’m trying to get the word out a bit more now. I don’t think people know it’s a thing they can use.

So what’s your favourite Spotify playlist?

They do a weekly discovery playlist – it’s a bespoke playlist they create just for you, according to what you’ve been listening to. It’s really good because you get one every Monday morning.


Now, I have actually witnessed these paper cups you’ve been given, and I want to know, what is your favourite pun on the cups? Mine’s gotta be Margarita Ora. Or Rum DMC. It’s a toss up.

Definitely Lil’ Wine. I mean they’re all pretty good, but I’ve gotta say that one’s my favourite.


The ultimate job perk. Better than the PS4

Lastly, do you have any upcoming events you want to talk about?

We’re doing a Christmas giveaway – you can win three months of Spotify Premium (so no more shitty adverts) if you follow the Royal Holloway playlist. There’s more info on the event here.

We also do a Secret Social at the end of the academic year, so watch out for that in the summer term. It’s basically a competition you can enter on campus, and if you win, a bus picks you up from a secret location and takes you to this massive party with loads of great acts playing. More of that to come!