Where’s better to live: Englefield Green or Egham?

Who needs Tesco when you can have a graveyard and Spar

The time is approaching when first and second years flock to the local estate agents to get their house sorted for the next year. If it’s anything like last year, everyone will probably try and grab the properties on Nightingale Shott or the houses closest to Tesco, but is the trek up the hill everyday really worth the quick walk to the high street?

We spoke to people living in houses in Englefield Green and Egham to see which was the better option.

Charlie, Second Year Film and Television

“I really like living in Egham and I am definitely staying in Egham next year. It has a community feel and my house is in prime location for the station and high street.

“Sometimes Egham can feel a little small though, so I like to get out sometimes and go to London at the weekends to clear my head from uni stress. ”

Rosie, Second Year History and International Relations

“I really like the cosiness of our house in Egham, but I dislike walking up the hill to classes in the week. I’d definitely still stay in Egham though for third year.”

Tahlia, Second Year Criminology and Sociology

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“I would stay in Egham rather than Englefield Green again next year. I really like Egham because it’s so safe and peaceful around here, but I don’t like the fact nothing ever happens here.”

Evelina, Second Year Accounting and Finance with Economics

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“I love how close our house in Egham is to Tesco and to the train station, it’s so convenient. I don’t like the back gate though because it closes too early. I would stay in Egham next year again.”

Ellen, Second Year English Literature

“I really like the location of my house in Englefield Green, it’s a quick walk to uni and it’s only a couple of minutes away from the majority of my friends who all live in Englefield Green too. It’s also really close to Spar and they sell really good doughnuts there so it’s ideal for when you want junk food.

“There’s also a bus stop right outside my door, so if I’m being lazy and want to go to Staines or the High Street it’s great. I’d definitely be up for staying in Englefield Green next year.”

Sam, Second Year History


“It’s definitely better to live in Englefield Green, I don’t have to climb up the hill to get to uni, my house is nearby loads of other people from halls last year, and the bus stop is really close to my house. I get shopping delivered to my house so fuck the walk to Tesco.”

Francesca, Second Year English Literature


“I like living in Englefield Green, it’s so close to Spar and I’m so glad I don’t have to walk uphill to get to university everyday. I would stay here again next year, but if I was to pick any disadvantages of living in Englefield I’d say it’s not close to the station or the high street.”

Kyle, Second Year Film and Television


“It’s great living in Englefield Green, it’s a quick walk to uni, and there’s lots of really nice local pubs that I prefer to the ones in Egham. I know the area better after living in Kingswood last year as well, so I’m staying here next year.”

Elinor, Second Year English Literature

“Personally, I think Englefield Green is a much nicer place to live than Egham. Not only is it extremely close to campus, but it has a lovely community feel with local pubs and businesses being within the local vicinity.

“It also has the Green, where attractions such as the Steam Fair visit every year, and again this enhances the community feel. Englefield Green is the best.”

So to any freshers planning on house hunting soon, Egham may have some really nice houses and it’s close to Tesco, but don’t ignore Englefield as an option. Remember Tesco and Asda deliver.

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