The best secret santa presents in Egham for a fiver

I use the term ‘best’ loosely…

We trawled Egham’s finest chic boutiques to find some of the best (and worst) Secret Santa gifts to give to that awkward person in your society. This is your ultimate budget gift guide.

 A High School Musical lunchbox, £1, British Heart Foundation

Make your mate the envy of campus and get this bad boy for just £1! Perfectly sized to fit in your rucksack and confining the sandwich-smell, Bedford all-nighters will be revolutionised.

Co-ordinating Hat and Gloves, £5, British Heart Foundation

Wrapping up warm is essential in the Windy City (no, not Chicago), so why not do it in style? Do your bit for charity and buy this super-stylish set. You won’t regret it, especially when your friend takes your gift seriously and wears them around the house/pitch.

Ferrero Roche Chocolate, £3.50, Tesco

This is a classic case of ‘playing it safe’, unless they’re allergic to nuts or are lactose intolerant, in which case there’s more for you. Win-win.

Cococabana Rum, £5, Tesco

You can’t go wrong with alcohol. So cheap, yet so high in units, nothing is more touching than receiving a gift to alleviate the pain of the SU queue.

A miniature Christmas tree, £3, Tesco

It’s festive, it’s cheap, it’s desk sized.

Protection from the inevitable, £5, Superdrug

Boost their ego and go King size this Christmas.

Scented candle, £3.99, Card Factory

It’s boring and a bit crap, but the scent of cherries and figs is better than weed(s) and damp. Don’t think this is just a gift for girls – it can be used in conjunction with the above gift to make an SU pull feel extra special.

Mug and chocolate, £2.99, Card Factory

Totally impersonal, but it’s got a cute penguin on it. Perfect for housemates – this time they can break their own mug.

Bath set, £4.99, Superdrug

A classic choice for girls. A good one to get for a stinky team mate, and hopefully this will encourage a  more vigorous cleaning ritual. Plus if you get this for a housemate, you are secretly boosting your own shower supplies at no extra cost.

A miniature bong, £4.99, Egham Essentials

Egham Essentials lives up to it’s name here, stocking those items we all need on a daily basis. Along with the rum, this has got to be the most thoughtful present you could give to your substance-abusing besties.