This is every type of person you’ll live with at Royal Holloway

Everyone has a ghost housemate

You’re not the unique snowflake you thought you were – chances are you’re one of these types of housemates. 

Here’s every type of person you’ll live with at Royal Holloway.

The flat mum (or dad)


The flat mate who solves everyone’s problems, holds their hand when they cry, and their hair back when they’re being sick.

Rarely seen going too crazy on a night out, the flat mum wants to keep a clear head in order to supervise the evening’s events. They know everything about everyone but will keep children’s secrets and look out for them at all costs.

The flat mum is a caring, funny person you can rely on, but is to be feared if the kitchen is in a state.

The ghost


You saw them on moving in day, but they’ve disappeared since then. You’re pretty sure they’re still alive solely because there is evidence of food consumption and they’ve read the messages on the group chat.

The one who is always at the SU 


Never to miss a night out at the SU, this flat mate wants to make the most of their £7 ticket.

A quick Facebook stalk the next morning will reveal many photos from their night out, having been able to find the camera at all points, looking annoyingly good for the amount of VKs they have drunk.

The neat freak 


Tidiness is this flat mates’ best friend. Their room is impeccable and when you’re allowed in you wonder how they can possibly live in it.

Often offering to clean your room, the neat freak has already befriended the cleaners resulting in a kitchen that is spotless.

Ever wonders who cleans your kitchen overnight? Its not pixies, it’s the neat freak after their raid of the SU shop’s cleaning section.

The one who always eats at The Hub


Despite being in self catered accommodation this flat mate never has food in the flat, preferring to use their fridge space to chill alcohol.

If you’re ever out of food they will accompany you to dinner with the menu memorised in their head.

The messy one 


This flat mates room is verging on a biohazard, avoid it at all costs. No amount of fairy liquid can save their Ikea pans now.

Slowly they spread their mess to your rooms, leaving shoes and college cards in their wake. You can never change them, just manage the mess.

The sports(wo)man


Lycra clad, coffee loving and sober week hating. This is potentially the most committed member of the flat, even if they are a zombie most days.

This flat mate is often falling asleep in lectures, complaining about butt pain from all the squats or constantly eating.

However, they wouldn’t change it for the world and you appreciate them despite all their lycra.