Blue Cross and Oxfam burned by arsonists

They set fire to donations outside the shops

On Saturday locals were shocked to discover the charred remains of Blue Cross and Oxfam.

Arsonists set fire to donations outside of the shops in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Oxfam still managed to open for business yesterday, but the front of Blue Cross has had to be boarded up and sealed off by police tape.


Jodie Redpath, manager of Blue Cross, spoke to The Tab about the incident yesterday. She told us: “I arrived for work at 9 to see the front was taped off by police and there had been a fire in the doorway of the shop. After talking to the police they informed me that it was around 6am that the donations left in the doorway had been set alight, so they are investigating the CCTV.

“I was unable to go near or in the shop as we had to wait until CID & forensics had been. A lady passing by had said her husband has seen a load of kids messing with the donations. The shop is having to be closed until the damage is assessed on Monday, which of course is going to be a massive loss to the shop being closed.

“The whole front will need to be replaced. The inside is OK, but everything smells of smoke so the clothes may need to be replaced.”

blue cross damage

We wish the best to the owners of the shops, and hopefully things can go back to normal soon. If you have any information, call Surrey Police on 101 or go online here.