Eggham: Third year students pelted with eggs on high street

This is taking the piss

Two third years were egged by a group of teenagers outside the Crown pub as they walked home from Tesco on Wednesday night.

Amy and Lucy were walking home at 10PM after some late night food shopping when they were assaulted by a group of Egham youths hurling eggs at them from their car as they drove by.

Geography student Amy told the Tab: “We were walking past The Crown pub when a car with some young lads in it drove past and threw something at us. I thought it was a bag of chips from McDonald’s at first, but I saw Lucy had been hit by an egg and it had smashed on her coat.

“We saw the car speed off and we carried on walking, where we could see they’d been throwing the eggs at other people too as there were shells up by Domino’s and the surrounding shops.”


Lucy (left) and Amy (right)

Amy went on to describe her disbelief as to why someone would bother to egg the two.

She added: “It was ridiculous… why would these kids buy eggs and waste petrol money just to annoy some students?”

The two students promptly called the police to let them know what had happened, explaining that they wanted the Surrey Police to keep an eye out for the car.

Lucy explained that even though she was fuming about the situation, she was relieved that they had been egged, rather than someone else. She said: “It was lucky it wasn’t someone elderly that it happened to because they could have been a lot more vulnerable.”