I live in Central London because I’m sick of Egham

Let’s face it, there isn’t much going on in Egg an’ Ham

Are early mornings, delayed trains and flustered runs to your lectures a common feature of your life? Congratulations my friend – you are part of the commuters club.

Don’t worry, there is nothing wrong with living away from University. Especially if your uni is in the middle of nowhere. Yes Egham, I am talking about you.

Mastering the art of preparing for seminars while waiting for the train.

Mastering the art of preparing for seminars whilst waiting for the train

There are undoubtedly some good things about life in Egham, for example, how empty the SU is on nights out.

Queues are virtually a thing of the past (by ‘past’ this refers to Fresher’s week – the only time there was any sort of human activity in Tommy’s Bar).

Next, the dancing… well, there certainly isn’t a space issue, so if you’ve always fancied recreating Kevin Bacon’s iconic dance scene from Footloose then you are well in there.

To be honest, the plentiful supply of toilet paper in the SU toilets (a result of the serious deficit of usage) is really about the only thing I can positively vouch for about Egham.

Rare attendance in Egham

Rare attendance at RHUL

And the worst thing about Egham, I hear you ask? Everything else.

Most notably the stupidly high uni bus fare: is it really worth £1 for them to take you about 400 meters from the station to campus?

To show why Central London is the superior living choice, a good place to begin is with pizza.

We can all agree that Domino’s is pretty much the one thing that fuels our existence. Unlike the painstaking struggle you have to endure when you are craving pizza at 1 am in Egham, those Domino’s delivery blokes in London really know where it’s at.

They are at your door faster than you can say “chocolate chip cookies.” In Egham it can really feel like you are going to be celebrating your sixtieth birthday before they get to you.


Bit more glamorous than Egham

There is no doubt about the fact that the real reason for taking the leap and moving away from Egham is there is just so much more going on in Central London. Would you pick the SU over a wonderfully colourful array of pubs and clubs? No, me neither.

Not to mention the shopping opportunities in London. Unless your ambitions are about as low as your bank account, then you will be looking for something a little more sophisticated than Egham Essentials

Where better to unleash your inner shopaholic than the bustling streets of inner London?

A better alternative to Egham Essentials

A better alternative to Egham Essentials

Monday mornings are everybody’s worst mornings for reasons that do not require extensive explanation. But when my train is delayed and it is almost inevitable that I am going to miss my first early-morning lecture, my mood can turn pretty foul pretty quickly.

But the point is, I would still prefer to get flustered as I sprint up Egham hill in a vain attempt to undo what the ridiculously delayed South West Train Service has done to my otherwise well-organised morning, than spend my student life in a sad little place named after a sandwich filler.