This fourth year’s Drake Christmas jumper is all you need this winter

This can only mean one thing

Fourth year French student Alex bought this dreamy christmas jumper online after Drake’s Hotline Bling video dropped.

Since the internet went crazy with memes and videos and god knows what else of Drake doing his thang we’ve seen Drake bopping with Carlton, Drake in High School Musical, Drake skiing. There’s even an app, Drake Shake, to photoshop him in your pictures.

It’s been a couple of weeks now, and the hype has died down a bit. Well, what else can people make with Drake?

A Christmas jumper with Drake on it.


So proud of her new favourite jumper

When Alex saw the jumper she knew she had to buy it immediately, and since it’s arrived she’s been proudly wearing it on campus.

Her favourite thing about the jumper is that his best moves from the video are shown in the top bit.


The jumper even makes you dance like Drake

She told us: “I love Drake and when Hotline Bling came out it was my favourite thing in the world. My friend linked me to the jumper as a joke, that I took seriously.

“So for the small price of £18 I bought it and now I never want to take it off. Ever. I can’t wait to be running through the six with my woes in it.”

I’m pretty sure this is the best Christmas jumper out there.