Cheerleaders are letting you throw balls at them for Movember

It’s gonna be intense

charity cheer cheerleaders cheerleading dance movember

As sports clubs and societies start pulling out the big guns for Movember, Cheer are hosting the ultimate endurance competition.

At 2pm this Wednesday, head down to Nobles Field to watch the men’s football game – but also witness the battle of a lifetime: who can hold a prep the longest.

Cheer are submitting stunt teams to see who can keep one up for the most amount of time, and who will drop first.


This is what a prep looks like

A prep is the most basic stunt in cheerleading, the first one you’ll learn, but once you’ve been holding one for half an hour, your wrists start to kill.

If you’re a flyer, your legs turn to jelly from tensing so hard to stay light. Don’t let the pom poms fool you – it’s some serious shit.

But there’s an added factor here – everyone is invited to come and pay money to throw balls at our flyers, making it harder to balance, and quite literally tipping the competition.

It’ll be the ultimate test: of friendships, wrists, and dignity. The bases are limbering up their grip techniques, flyers will be tactically avoiding the Monkey’s breakfast, and backspots are working on their lifting ‪#‎gainz, ready for the big day.


It’s all smiles til you’ve been there for two hours

Third year and the social sec Alex Oxley said: “I’m really excited to be taking part in it.

“I don’t believe there is a current world record, and my team are VERY competitive so I could end up staying there all night – hopefully it will raise lots of money, and it’s a new, fun approach to raising awareness for something so important.”

All proceeds are going to The November Foundation, which aims to “change the face of men’s health”.

You can sponsor the cheer team here.