The best of Royal Holloway’s fire YikYak game

Yakrama is up on campus

Open Yik Yak during a particularly boring 9am lecture and an interesting phenomenon takes place. Instead of lecture notes being taken, students are yakking their way through the pain.

Current themes on the app include taking down supposed rival Kingston University, bemoaning the fees we all suffer for a lecturer to read off a PowerPoint, and a handful of horny students trying to get some by finding a way around the fact no-one knows who each other is.

Last year the feed was barely alive, some might say D.O.A. Us faithful yakkers who witnessed the rarity of a new yak last autumn term could scarcely have predicted the revival we have witnessed this year.

Those who describe our YikYak game as weak clearly were not there for the summer of ’15. Yaks now often disappear within hours due to the high level of new RHUL fire chat being posted by the minute. The hottest yaks receive +100 up votes even though no-one has a clue who the hilarious comedian is.

In the past week it has also provided solidarity for the recent Paris attack and yakkers often support the stressed and depressed Yak community, who use it as comfort.

Here’s the best (and the rest) of Royal Holloway’s yak game:

At least John Lewis' man on the moon doesn't have to deal with referencing

At least John Lewis’ man on the moon doesn’t have to deal with referencing


Not all yakkers are #blessed with the comedic touch

Not all yakkers are #blessed with comedic talent






A spoonful of sugar doesn’t make Medicine any better




So shout out to all members of the newly rebounded Yik Yak. Keep doing what you’re doing for everyone on campus, you’re all heroes.