What would you change about Royal Holloway?

Only one person said the nightlife

We all chose to come to Royal Holloway for a reason, whether it was for the course content or because it looks a bit like Hogwarts.

So we know there must be at least one thing everyone here likes about it. However, now that we’ve all spent some time here, whether that be a few months or a few years, some of us have started to pick up on a few flaws.

We asked you what you would change about our beloved uni.

Shlash, 19, Foundation Year

“The hills.”

Marika, 24, Bioscience 


“More open mic nights!”

Estelle and Bettina, both 22, both European Studies with German


“The fees. For everything.”

Giulia, 27, European Studies with Spanish and French


“The calibre of tutors.”

Josh and Rob, both 19, both Geography


Josh: “Building work. It looks gross and it’s annoying.”

Rob: “Parking.”

Chiara, 22, Management


“I wouldn’t change anything.”

Charlie, 19, Geography and Geology 


“The nightlife!”