The results are in: The nightlife is the worst thing about Royal Holloway

The SU DJ wasn’t even in the top five

The votes are in and you’ve spoken: the worst thing about RoHo is officially the nightlife.

With only the SU, Medicine, or clubs in Windsor as the obvious choices, it’s no wonder nightlife took a hefty 23 per cent of the votes, especially when the cost of entrance and drinks in the SU is also taken into consideration.

Another wild night out at Roho

Another wild night out at Roho

ain't nobody got time to go to staines for a Mcdonald's

Ain’t nobody got time to go to Staines for a McDonald’s

Lack of eligible straight boys came in second place, again not surprising after The Tab reported over 60 per cent of Royal Holloway is female.

Prices in the SU shop took third place, and Roho students don’t particularly seem like big fans of a Cheeky Nandos considering it only took in three per cent of the votes.

Classic VK tongue

Classic VK tongue

Hopefully that's fancy dress

No eligible boys? Rubbish



So although our crap nightlife has been confirmed in the poll, we’ve learned to embrace our limited options and are safe in the knowledge our Wednesdays and Fridays would be nowhere near as good without the comfort of the sticky floors and insufferable heat of the SU.

Plus we get to see Lethal Bizzle there this week, so while our friends at other unis are force-feeding us social media updates about their mad local club scene, for once we have the satisfaction of responding with snapchats of Fester Skank live.