My friend dressed me in charity shop clothes for a week

Wearing Egham’s finest hand-me-downs

In surrendering all control over what I wore for five days, I wasn’t expecting anything fantastic. I’ve been inside Egham’s charity shops and it’s not surprising there’s not a lot of “vintage” or generally attractive clothing there. My friend was determined to make me embrace the charity shop aesthetic though, so I took the plunge. Let the charity shop charade begin.

Day 1: The silky smooth

IMG_0524I’ll be honest, I felt quite naked. Although it was super comfy and quite practical (especially considering I was about to do three hours of drama), I doubt Mama Habib would have approved. The disadvantage of this outfit was clearly the fact it left nothing to the imagination. Oh and also that I slid off basically every chair.

I give this outfit a 7/10.

Day 2: The halter-ego

I must admit this was a definite improvement to yesterday’s outfit. But I didn’t like it one bit. For someone who has rather big boobs, this top was obviously not meant to be for these bazoomas.

Definitely a 4\10.

Day 3:  The snazzercise


Not only was this outfit visible from space, I’m pretty sure it also glowed in the dark. Throughout the day I was told my top half was celebrating Christmas in the 80s and the bottom half looked like it was about to leg-it out of Egham.

As someone said to their friends when I passed by: “They’re some jazzy leggings”. Lesson to the wise: if you’re going to whisper, don’t forget the person who you’re talking about isn’t meant to hear it.

Whispers aside, I rate this outfit a good old 6/10.

Day 4: The china doll

IMG_0560This was actually pretty decent. I didn’t get any snide comments or excessive staring. It was probably one of the most normal outfits so far, and an outfit which is rarely found in an Egham charity shop.

I rate this a fab 9/10.

Day 5: The gym-tastic

IMG_0563Thanks to my friend thinking in advance, she chose me some sexy multi-coloured running leggings and this shirt… (which was not found in a charity shop). These flattering (sense the sarcasm) leggings not only looked like someone had chundered paint on me, they also had a very attractive black elastic strap at the back of the knee. These babies may have been super comfy, but I’m pretty sure I was the only one wearing anything but black.

I rate this outfit a 4/10.

If there’s anything I’ve taken away from this week it’s:

  1. Never trust your friend to buy you clothes at a charity shop in Egham.
  2. Wear your clothes with pride, and don’t let people who talk behind your back get to you.
  3. It’s fun to change things up once in a while.