How do you feel about unsolicited dick pics?

Not even your favourite filter can make it OK

Justin Bieber may be fuming about pictures of his dong being released to the world, but a lot of guys think it’s cool to exhibit their penises on all forms of social media.

We’ve all been there: sat on a train at peak hour, you get a Snapchat from a guy you’ve spoken to on Tinder a few times and boom. Dick pic. Right there, in all its veiny glory.

Now if the situation calls for it, sending pictures of your little fella is all well and good, but can a rogue dick pic ever be justified?

We asked students from Royal Holloway their opinions on receiving nudes. Do your eyes feel violated, or do you have a collection of trouser snake screenshots?

Fintan, fourth year

Majestic aubergine

Majestic aubergine

I have received them but I’ve never sent them. It’s just gross. I mean, I think it’s actually quite insulting. As a gay man, people send dick pics all the time and it’s assuming that’s the only thing I’m interested in. You’re talking to somebody on Grindr or Tinder and it’s really nice and then, boom. It’s their penis. That’s fine, we’ve all got them.

It’s weird, when most people send them, they don’t actually have a very impressive dick. It’s just like, oh look, sex. I can do sex, let’s do sex now. I don’t know why it’s a thing, I assume girls don’t send pictures of their vaginas?

I mean, if you ask for one, then great. If you’re sexting, whatever, whatever you’re into. I think it sets a power trip. It’s like their penis is what is important, look at me now.

Rawan, Masters

This one's shy with an aubergine.

This one’s shy with an aubergine

I have got them before. They’re disgusting. Dick pics when you’re not sexting are just rude aren’t they?

Lucy, second year

Happy to be alive and handling an aubergine

Happy to be alive and handling an aubergine

I think it’s cringey to be fair, it’s just a bit weird. If a random guy messaged me with a dick pic I’d be like “Oh erm, hello, what’s your name?”. I can’t say I’ve actually received that many, is that a good thing? Boys probably send them because they’re proud.

Barbora, fourth year

She knows how to handle an aubergine

She knows how to handle an aubergine

It depends on the situation and if you know the person I think it’s fine. They just want to show their dicks.

Isabel, third year

Disgusted by the aubergine

Disgusted by the aubergine

Dick pics are just a way for well-endowed guys to show off. We get it, you’re proud of what you have. But if you’ve got it, please don’t flaunt it. Never send surprise dick pics. We will ask for one if we want one.

Tegan, third year

Cradling the aubergine

Cradling the aubergine

It’s quite vain to be honest. Why would you assume someone wants to see your junk if you haven’t asked them first? Nobody wants to see your disappointing cocktail sausage when they’re trying to have a nice Sunday lunch with their nan.

It's really not ok.

It’s really not OK

Next time you go to send a dick pic think twice. Majority opinion is: it certainly isn’t big, and it’s definitely not clever.