Scammers promising ‘luxury fashion experience’ spotted on campus

What are they trying to say about RoHo style?

Two mystery girls have been spotted on campus attempting to scam aspiring fashionistas out of £50.

The scammers offered a “luxury fashion experience” and asked for a £50 deposit up front.

The Student’s Union posted a warning on Facebook yesterday, advising students who purchased anything to get in contact with their bank.

Their post read: “We have received reports that an individual has today been operating on campus selling a luxury fashion experience and taking a £50 deposit up front from students.

“We believe this was a scam and the individual was not affiliated to the Students’ Union or College and not licensed to be selling on campus.”

The flyer handed out by the scammer

The flyer handed out by the scammer

Although the SU statement only mentions one individual, eyewitnesses told The Tab two girls were seen around the Bedford library offering packages to girls, using promotional material similar to the leaflet in the picture above.

Second year Philosophy student Eli Marino told the Tab: “I saw two girls standing in the middle of the path talking to two separate groups of girls. Because I had to walk around them I could see one holding her phone to show some pictures of models and another pointing at a leaflet.

“The girls around them seemed really interested and I know they got my attention so it seems easy to be enticed.”

It’s not been confirmed if anyone was duped into paying the £50 deposit.

The scene of the crime

This is not the first time students have been targeted, with sales people operating frequently around London. Two third year students purchased a fashion experience package in central London over the summer, but after researching online found the deal was a fake and lost their money.

With campus being so accessible to the public unlicensed sellers have unrestricted admittance so keep an eye out for those who aren’t stationed around the SU. Hopefully, future scam artists will be so confused by our “University of London” title they’ll never find us.