Mini riot breaks out at Egham train station

Straight outta Surrey

A 30-man riot broke out at Egham station after a huge fight broke out on the train platform.

On Friday night 15 police cars were called when drunk teenagers reportedly started throwing bottles and fighting.

Until now the words Egham and riot have most likely never been said in the same sentence, especially since an absence of local clubs and nightlife has established Egham as a relatively quiet uni town.

woop woop it's da sound of da police

Woop woop it’s da sound of da police

What started out as a group of young people pushing and shoving others to help friends get into the train carriage, escalated into fights between the people shoving and the people already on the train.

While it is uncertain whether any of the people involved are Roho students or just local teens, the police were called soon after, and arrived with police dogs and 15 police cars/vans.

Second year James Furniss-Roe told The Tab: “People were throwing bottles and cups onto the train, and a huge fight broke out. But as the fight broke out on the platform, more and more police cars turned up – by the end of it over 15 police cars and vans were at the scene.”