Vote: What’s the worst thing at Royal Holloway?

It’s hard to pick just one

The nightlife

There’s the choice of the SU, Medicine, some grimy pubs or you can spend £20 on a taxi to the beautiful nightclubs of Windsor. Take your pick.

R.I.P. Liquid

R.I.P. Liquid

The prices in the SU shop

You know you’ve become the epitome of laziness when you are willing to pay £2 for one pack of Maryland cookies when you can walk down the hill to get a multipack for £1.


Budgens is the height of Egham nightlife. It’s open later than the SU, and the selection is a much better use of your £5 entry.


Another wild night in Egham

Another wild night in Egham

“Put your hands up in the air!” … Stop telling me what to do. I paid the entry to hear music, not to hear you talk.

The lack of McDonald’s

And we’re all too lazy to walk to Burger King. We’ll gain our Freshers’ 15 by lying down watching Netflix.

The lack of Nando’s

We’ve had the Cheeky Girls, now where’s the cheeky Nando’s?


See this.

The campus bell (if you live in Englefield Green)

After a five episode Netflix binge the last thing you want is the campus bell reminding you it’s three in the morning and you’re a failure of an adult.

How weak our Yik Yak game is

Surely we can do better than this

Surely we can do better than this

Seriously, can someone get it started?!

The morning train back from London after a night out

Nearly home

Nearly home

There’s no chilled night in London. You have to go hard or go home, and that means somehow killing time and staying awake before getting the 5am train back to leafy Surrey. God knows what you’ll experience on that train either.

Trains which only come every half hour


And then there’s the ones which stop at all the rare places nobody wants to go to like Syon Lane. What the hell is Syon Lane?

The back gate shutting


Even though half of the student population live back gate, RHUL likes to challenge us with team building tasks such as being able to lift your drunk friend through a tiny, cut-out hole. We’re not on Takeshi’s Castle, we’re not doing Tough Mudder: those of us past the back gate just want to get home without a ripped crotch.

No Wetherspoons

We’re expected to trek to Staines for Curry Club? Not ideal.

Gemini taxis charging £7 for any journey no matter how far

“I’m just going to Nightingale Shott from the Station”

“£7 please.”

The lack of eligible straight single boys

Never any boys at the Tab socials (sob)

Never any boys at the Tab socials (sob)

They’re either gay, not interested, or they want to chirpse you from their Clio. In the legendary words of Paddy McGuinness: “Single man, reveal yourself!”