How to make sure you don’t irritate people in the library

Don’t be that person

With term at its midway point, the majority of us (apart from the diehard cool kids) have made it to the library for some studying (read: giving up and catching up on our Amazon wishlists while realising how much we need to learn to make potpourri). In order to make it through the year without getting stabbed with a pencil, follow our guide of what not to do in the library.

Noisy snacks

As delicious as they are, you’re not really going to enjoy those crisps. Instead, you’re going to be painfully aware of how loud your munching and rustling is, and how many glares you’re attracting. Every bite and reach into the bag will be pure torture. Save it for lunch, it’ll give you something to look forward to in your boring library life.

Just say no kids

Just say no kids

Smelly snacks

Eggs are an antisocial library snack. There, I said it, and I’m an avid egg eater. I look creepy as I peel it and they have a definite egg odour, plus they’re weird to eat. No one has ever eaten a whole boiled egg without feeling slightly self-conscious. I’m sorry to all those who’ve witnessed me bite into a whole boiled egg. The fact they are a smart snack because they’ve got built-in protection is by the by.

you don't know what I've been through

Even one of my hands is uncomfortable with the situation

Don’t be a seat hogger

At peak library time, no one can stand the person who got there early to bag a seat, just to bugger off for the majority of the day. Where have you gone? All your stuff is here? Why?

Some men just want to watch the world burn

Plug in your headphones properly

Actually everyone loves this person. Nothing breaks up a boring library day better than finding out the self-professed lad opposite you is actually a diehard Taylor “she just gets me” Swift fan, or their face when they realise the whole library has heard.

Don’t make everything sticky

The person that makes the desks and library keyboards scarily sticky. Normally down to something they’ve eaten (I hope and pray), they spread the stickiness to everything they touch. Personally, my hunch is oranges. They’re sweet and when you bite them juice sprays everywhere. A delicious and nutritious snack but try and save it for outside the library where you can spray the smokers with healthiness.

I realise I'm not in the library but you get the gist

Say it, don’t spray it

Don’t leave your phone on loud




Don’t talk loudly about your mad night out

You met someone from MIC and had a wild night. I made my packed lunch and went to bed at 10:30. We’re clearly in very different places in our lives (I have deadlines and you don’t), and only one of us is happy with it (spoiler: it’s not me). Please go have your catchup somewhere more appropriate.

Don’t borrow piles of textbooks and put them next to me

If I’m honest, they intimidate me and my one journal article. I didn’t even print it out.

Feeling intimidated

Feeling intimidated

Now that we’ve cleared up what not to do, let’s all move on to live harmoniously in the library this deadline season and remember there are people trying to have work breakdowns and procrastinate in peace in the silent section of the library.