The Holloween edit: Who wins best dressed?

Nothing was scarier than not getting an SU ticket

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The SU is a magical place on Friday nights – there are girls in Louboutins or sports teams in kit and everything in between. Everything you thought you knew about SU etiquette changes on Halloween.

RoHo, who’s your best dressed?

Third years Isabel and Lucy, and masters student Aaron

The amount of passion in this group’s expression won my heart and the photo is only made better by sellotape

Second years Laura Pomroy and Joe Dawson

A match made in heaven… or hell?

Second year Ed Hutchenson

IT ISN’T CHRISTMAS YET. But you have to love the fact that this guy literally just put on an elf hat and went crazy with his top.

Fresher Kelly Surman

Fairy Tales gone grim. Red riding hood was meant to be terrifying guys.

Third year Jared Goodrich

Cheekiest nurse? The Joker in THE explosion scene. Top marks for braving the cold.

Third year Tegan Marlow

PicMonkey Collage
There’s nothing scarier than real world issues like the pay gap – a zombie doesn’t compare… you can’t run away from sexism

Fourth years Charlotte and Alexandra

Sia swinging off her Chandelier. Hope Sia didn’t try to do any splits after a couple of VK’s

Second year Jack Sullivan

 Hi-diddly-deadly-do Neighbourino . Jack’s got the Ned Flanders look down

Third years Ollie, Manu, Joe, Seb, Will and Dan

 These spuds were on it on the dance floor. No one knows what inspired them, but who doesn’t love a good jacket potato?

Fresher Ali

 His name is actually Ali…

Who wins in your eyes Royal Holloway? Vote below: