This week’s best dressed on campus

You’re all beauty queens

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You all killed it this week.

Lucile Teyssedou, Second Year, Ancient History

Lucile knows how to ace it: Sharp shoes, sharp eyewear.

Megan and Sarah, pre-freshers, Foundation in Science

I love it when newbies get into the Rhul spirit straight away. The clouds won’t take the shades away.

Erin Standing, Second Year, Philosophy

Black and white with an off shoulder twist – Erin knows how to get rid of that perpetual Egham wind with the snood.

Laura Bevs, Second Year, Physics and Comparative Lit

Wearing her degree on her skirt, the galaxies reflect her thoughts. This is how to stay comfortable while walking up that hill without resorting to trackies — not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Amelia Perrin, Second Year, English and Creative Writing

Lush camel. It’s not this girls fault she’s photogenic.

Victoria Shafer, Second Year, Philosophy

It’s time for coats and if you’re gonna do it, do it right.