Celebrating the end of an era: The Liquid closing night

Thanks for the memories

The moment we all knew was coming finally happened: Liquid is no longer the Thursday night staple of the student week. Obviously we attended for one more night of fun, to say goodbye and get some closure. Here’s what it was like — just in case you didn’t — cherish the memories.


Royal Holloway’s dedicated liquid attendees rushed to have their last drink at Spoons before heading into Liquid with sadness clouding their flushed faces. The air in Windsor was thick with anticipation — what would tonight, the end of Windsor as we know it, bring?

Everyone knew tonight was the night and had pulled out all the stops. Stilettos and jumpsuits reigned — no SU converse and crop tops in sight.

for one night and one night only

Gone but never forgotten


Once coats had been checked, everybody immediately rushed to the bar to get the refuel that only a Jägerbomb can give you, only to be thwarted by the enormous queue at the bar. Revellers clamoured for drinks, desperate to make the most of their last night at their favourite venue.

no amount of subtle elbowing was going to get us to the front

No amount of subtle elbowing was going to get us to the front


The club was officially pumping (or jumping). Girls rushed to the bathroom to fix their hair and makeup before things got too messy (read: sweaty) for their final squad mirror selfie.


Things began heating up on the dancefloor as the DJ put his heart and soul into his last ever set at one of the country’s finest clubs. Shapes were thrown all over the dance floor, there was bumping and grinding, hands in the air, shuffling and even twerking.

for one night and one night only

For one night and one night only


After success at the second bar, people were sufficiently inebriated to bop to some cracking golden oldies, belting out the words to their fave noughties tracks — until the DJ pushed his luck with Cotten Eyed Joe and the ChaCha Slide, making a clammy swarm of people return to the bar to numb the feeling of being back at a school disco.


Migrating back to the main room, the music had changed to house, calling to the shufflers in Windsor. Non-shufflers began to panic. Would they hear lyrics again? The answer was occasionally. They tried their luck at shuffling, not a chance.

2:00AM The end of the night (and an era)

The music went off. Tears lashed down faces. Or was it sweat? The crowd moved to the streets, where they called a taxi, still swaying to their memory of the music. The taxi wouldn’t be there for another twenty minutes.

So,of course, the end of the night meant the demolishing of a compulsory hot dog upon leaving, which was delicious as always.

who's the lady and who's the tramp?

Who’s the lady and who’s the tramp?

When we asked fellow party-goers if they would attend the new club, Atik. Third year Laura simply replied: “No.” As we pushed her for further comment she began to get emotional before answering:”I hate bad grammar.”

Similarly, another student declared “Liquid will forever remain bae. Going to Atik would be a betrayal.”


A man who had been kicked out of Liquid was so gutted he decided to try and tackle his way back in through the railings against about three bouncers – pure dedication to the cause. We commend this man on his love of Liquid.

Thank you, Liquid, for all the good times. #RIPLiquid