We need to call time on the ‘dumb blonde’ stereotype

Blonde girls are only acting dumb because they think they’re ‘supposed’ to

It’s always been a stereotype that if you’re born with blonde hair, you’re also born with a lower IQ than everyone else. I know (and hope) most of you are intelligent enough to know this isn’t completely true, but some days I’m not too sure.

Come on guys, you go to uni, you should know there’s no connection whatsoever between hair colour and intellect. However, I’ve met a surprisingly large number of people my age who actually assume I’m dumb because I’m blonde.


Who do you think has the higher IQ?

As you’ve probably already understood: I have blonde hair. Yes, my hair is fairly long. Yes, I spend a lot of time doing my makeup. Yes, I like to feel pretty. But I also got a first last year. I’m brilliant at maths. I have loads of opinions about the migrant crisis in the Mediterranean. I was the director of finance in a society for three years, handling a budget of over £100,000.  However, more times than I can count, I’ve been asked if I had to pay someone off to control and make the budget for me. I’ve also had people ask if I’ve had to suck off my tutor to get my grades. No. The answer is always no.


Just because I’m blonde doesn’t mean I don’t care

This leads me to my oh-so-big question. Why do so many people believe blonde girls are less intelligent than everyone else? I think it’s because many blondes themselves think they’re dumber than they actually are. Here’s the thing: blonde girls aren’t born dumb, they’re made dumb by society.

It’s in our human nature to behave the way people expect us to behave, and since blondes apparently are supposed to be stupid, some blondes feel they have to act stupid. But if you keep pretending or lying to everyone about being stupid, you start believing it yourself, and thus become it. In other words, society makes blonde girls stupid. However, it can lead to some pretty awesome moments if you refuse to act the way you’re “supposed” to act.


There’s one thing I absolutely love about being blonde. Whenever I walk into a social setting with new people, I can see on everyone’s faces they assume I’m just a thoughtless, dumb girl. They start a conversation with me about some superficial subject and assume it’s the only thing I could possibly talk about.

Actually, I like to discuss politics, philosophy, economics, and existential questions over a pint. The penny-dropping moment for other people comes when they realise I’ve got more in my skull than just moths and cobwebs, and the facial expressions which come with it are absolutely priceless. It’s like they’ve just realised the Earth is round. I love witnessing it.

So to all fellow blond girls out there: embrace your hair colour, wing your eye-liner, read a book, and don’t let ignorant people put you down!