Egham’s top takeaways are all really germ-free

Probably not that healthy for you though

You know the scenario: after a long night out you’re craving a McDonald’s, but you can’t have one because you live in Egham (even though the adverts and vouchers for it are everywhere). You’re so hungry you could eat the takeaway equivalent of the cake Bruce eats in Matilda. So you settle for a local takeaway.

To help you get the best fast food fix – without getting salmonella in the process – we found the hygiene ratings for Egham’s top takeaways.

Runnymede Chicken & Ribs

Bossman keeping his shop on fleek

Bossman keeping his shop on fleek

This one obvs had to make an appearance, especially with Bossman getting his own article recently. A local favourite and often branded as an Egham version of KFC, you will be happy to hear RC&R got a five star rating for their hygiene and staff (let’s be honest, who doesn’t love Bossman?).

Mango Chutney


A beacon of hope in the darkness

This is evidently one of the best choices as it gained the highest rating for an Indian takeaway in Egham, with a respectable four out of five, which seems even better when compared to some of the other options.

Red Rose received two stars for its hygiene, and apparently “improvements are necessary”. That’s at least better than Mexican restaurant Baja down by the station, which scored zero due to poor food hygiene and incompetent management.

Big Fry Fish and Chips

You're only allowed allergies on monday

You’re only allowed allergies on monday

Another popular choice, probably because they give student discount, and they’re one of the few fish and chips takeaways in Egham. Big Fry managed to get itself a five star rating.

Although it’s bizarre they only serve gluten free food on a Monday…




As a person who considers pizza to be a main food group, Dominos makes a regular appearance in the house and thankfully it was also given a five star rating.

It’s not the cheapest pizza takeaway option in Egham, but definitely the best. Big up the garlic pizza bread and chicken wings which won’t poison us.

Magic Wok Chinese Restaurant

Do you believe in magic?

Do you believe in magic?

To the Chinese food enthusiasts this is the one for you: Magic Wok received a five star rating and supposedly has very friendly staff. Go Magic Wok.