The SU is the same as it’s always been, so why does it now cost £2 more?

We asked but they refused to tell us

This year some brainiac at the SU thought it would be a great idea to raise the entry price of SU nights from £5 to £7. The night’s no different to last year: it’s the same shitty music, and the same expensive drinks. The only new addition is the unnecessary crowd barriers at the front of the stage. So why does RoHo think it’s okay to take more of our money and make us poor?

The SU claims to be run by students for students, so where are the student deals? Last year, if you got there before 10pm, it cost you a mere £3.50 to get in. Yes, you’d be there so early you’d be partying alone with the bar staff, but this year you get that same booming atmosphere for double the price. Signing in guests to the SU now means spending nearly £10 on what would at best be described as a VK sugar rush with some over-played chart toppers.

Them VK's though.
Them VK’s though

Has Roho forgotten we’re students on a tight budget? Bath SU charge £5 entry, even when an outside company are running the night. Sheffield, who apparently have the best SU in the country, charge £4-£4.50 and Cardiff charge £4-£5. Yes, you can get £5 entry if you buy online, but it still seems like RHULSU are taking full advantage of the fact we have nowhere else close by to go for a night out and punishing those of us who just turn up on the night.

We asked them to try and justify this ridiculous entry fee, but neither the SU nor the SU president bothered to respond. The closest we got to an answer was when we asked security who we should speak to. We were taken to the man who supposedly had the answers, only for him to sarcastically snort “Inflation” as the reason. It’s good to know our enquiry is being taken seriously.