Example is coming to campus, but you’ll only get to see him if you study Music

Bet you regret taking Biomedicine now

In the biggest musical coup since the Cheeky Girls appeared at Medicine, Royal Holloway grad Example is coming back to campus this month to talk to current students.

Example, born Elliot Gleave, will be appearing in the Windsor Auditorium for an exclusive Q&A session on October 21st.

The music star, who graduated from Royal Holloway in 2002, will also hold a seminar with Music students to teach them how to write bangers as good as Changed The Way You Kiss Me.


Elliot presumably talking about his bangers in a radio interview

News of the chart-topper’s appearance on campus was announced in a Music department email, which told students: “Example will be visiting the college. You will surely know some of his work, he’s sold millions.”

Tickets for the evening event can be reserved through Eventbrite, but priority is currently being given to Music and Media Arts students.

Lesser mortals will be able to reserve tickets nearer the date.


A Music third year, who wants to remain anonymous, told us his views on the restrictions: “I think it’s fine since you have to stop thinking of him as a ‘celebrity’, and more as someone who’s well-versed in their specific subject.

“I’m sure there are other department-only seminars with people who are highly regarded in their areas.”

Fair enough. But we’re still reserving tickets ASAP.