What’s the stupidest thing you’ve bought when drunk?

‘I thought a bronze bust would be a fantastic addition to my student accommodation’

We all do stupid things when we’re drunk. But have you ever bought a pink hat with cats on? Most people forget their drunken antics pretty quickly, but there are a select few of us who are reminded of our unfortunate mistakes a few days later, when we realise we have an expensive drunken habit: buying unnecessary things.

I once woke up to an unexpected email claiming I’d purchased golden blonde hair extensions at 3am after a night out. I already have long hair, and it’s definitely not golden blonde, so you can imagine my surprise. Here are your worst drunk purchases.

Chris Harris


A Ninja costume, intended to be for Halloween.

Ols K-G


While drunk on champagne I decided a Bronze Bust from an art gallery would be a fantastic addition to my student accommodation.

Danni Tanico


I had a formal meeting the night after drinking, but was in a sticky situation with my top. I paid somebody to swap tops with me.

Will Webster


I’d originally intended to buy £90 worth of socks. Instead I decided this was a little ludicrous and limited myself to just spending £50.

Daniel Smith and Tom Wilmshurst


The boys without their pink accessories

Daniel: “I decided to purchase a bright pink hat with cats on it.”

Tom: “Even worse, I bought multiple bright pink recorders.” 

Alfie Whitbread


After a crazy night at Medicine, and as an avid supporter of the Watford football team, I purchased a Games t-shirt, as any true fan would do. But I also got a Watford pencil sharpener to justify the postage and packaging fee.

Amy Habib

After one too many sips of Rekorderlig, I went for a Yankee vanilla candle and lime diffuser.