Every type of person at this weekend’s paint party

So much paint

The SU’s annual paint party is the one night of the year when people show their true colours. Who’s cowering in the back when the guns come out and who are the avid fans screaming for the sticky fluorescent paint?

This year we were even treated to an illuminated shower on stage, where people showed off their best twerking to the whole SU. There’s no hiding your shame – we know who you are.

The paint dodgers

3rd years Issy, English and Creative Writing student, and Calum, Maths student

3rd years Issy, English and Creative Writing and Calum, Maths

They’re completely spotless, the ones who are sprinting down the hall when the DJ calls two minutes until the paint is poured. They’re so over paint parties but can’t resist the SU’s sticky allure. Don’t go near them if you are painted, unless you want a knuckle sandwich.

The accidentally sprayed


Siobhan, 1st year Criminology and Psychology

They end up looking like a 10-year-olds scribbling, fairly clean with a good range of colour. These are the people who duck or lie on the floor when the guns are out. You’ll find them lurking around Tommy’s bar wiping any paint specs off their clothes onto unsuspecting freshers.

The ones who use their friend as a shield

Isabel and Silva, 3rd year

Isabel, 3rd year English and Creative Writing and Silva: she doesn’t even go here.

They spend their evening purposefully boogying behind their poor unaware friend who ends up being the only one getting drenched. They’re the cowards of the group, scummier than the paint. Test your friends with a water gun before you go out to check if they flinch. After all, you don’t want to have to take one for the team.

The casual colourers

12068022_10156148562395607_1576660368_nStephanie, 2nd year Economics and Spanish

Sporting a colourful chic look, they’re just here for the experience. Never venturing from the outskirts of the dancefloor, they’re happiest if they’re only mildly messy and sticky. Coming once was enough for them, so they won’t be back next year. That hasn’t stopped them from having the “best night ever guys!”

The friends who stick together…literally


1st years Suzy, English and Philosophy and Joel, Comparative Literature

These people can’t be pulled apart from each other or the middle of the d-floor, resulting in paint in every possible crevice. Look out for them performing their synchronised dance to anyone and everyone.

The fully committed


Alex, Josh, Charles and Holly

They’re ignoring the paint and powering through to make sure they make the most of their £5 entry fee. When they’re not in the middle of the dancefloor, they’re stocking up on some hard-earned VKs.

The paint for life crowd


Marlon, 1st year Film and TV Digital Production

They love the paint life probably more than they love their pals. The sheen on their face isn’t happy dance sweat, it’s a thick layer of slime. All they want to do is be in the paint, so much so that already they’re counting down the days until the next paint party.

The heroes


1st years Clementine, Nicholas, Tristan and Jian

They wilfully take the brunt of the goop so we don’t have to. Found at the front, mouths open ready for the gun to shower them with their favourite nectar, they don’t even stop when their eyes are glued shut. No, instead they soldier on through the pain.