We asked people if they recognised England’s biggest rugby stars

And barely anybody could


Beers, balls and bulging biceps: the Rugby World Cup is here and we are backing the England boys all the way. They need the whole country behind them this Saturday if they are to have any hope of beating the Aussies. To check how closely people at RoHo have been paying attention to the matches, we asked people if they could identify two of England’s biggest stars: captain Chris Robshaw and fly-half Owen Farrell. Here’s how they got on.

Romily, History


“I think he must be in some sort of soap like EastEnders or Corrie, he’s just got an actor’s face.”

Sabrina, English and Drama


“I think this man could be some sort of Olympian, maybe weightlifting or boxing. His arm muscles give him away.”

Sina, Drama


“Is he a model? I swear I’ve seen him on the TopShop adverts.”

Fern, English and Spanish


“He’s dressed very smart so I think he must be someone important. Something to do with the Queen? Is he one of Prince Harry’s long-lost cousins or something?”

Matt, Geography


“He’s Owen Farrell. Out of his kit he looks like he works for Abercrombie and Fitch though, a very preppy sort of guy.”

Jorge, Psychology


“I know him, he’s a rugby player. I couldn’t tell you his name though.”