RHUL in the top 130 unis in the world

We didn’t beat Oxford though

New world rankings name RoHo as the 129th best uni in the world.

Although Royal Holloway has fallen 11 spots from last year’s Times Higher Education rankings, we’ve defeated the other London unis like Birkbeck and St. George’s, making us the 6th best university in London.

The strong ranking comes after news we rose 40 places in the QS world rankings, again coming 6th out of all London universities.

In total, 78 of the institutions in the top 800 were UK-based, meaning the UK is the second most-featured country in the rankings, after the US.

not bad, eh?

not bad, eh?

3rd year Historian and Royal Holloway enthusiast, Abbee Hanlon, said: “I’m glad to attend such an established university, it’s a boost to know that when we start hunting for grad jobs we’re coming from a place that demands respect.

“It’s great news the standard of teaching at Royal Holloway is finally being recognised for the world-class level that it is.”

The full Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2015-2016 can be found here.