What’s your SU look?

Judging books by their covers

We went along to the first “Juicy” event of term with DJ Fresh to get a glimpse of the styles and outfits Royal Holloway’s rocking this term. How much can you tell about a person from what they wear?

The leather biker gang look


Damon, Drama and Theatre Studies, 2nd year

This bad boy style matches a leather jacket with gelled back hair for an effortlessly suave look. Might be a little be too chic for the SU though.

Classy in black


Grace, History, second year

This preppy look is relaxed and easy-going, perfect for dancing the night away. Bright red lips add class and colour to the outfit.



Samantha, History, second year

More red lipstick but this time brighter and paired with a vintage look, perfect for attracting a cooler class of hipsters. The high-waisted rolled-up jeans and oversized vintage jeans jacket make this look.

Cute and sexy


Theresa, Film Studies, first year

Ideal for showing off your belly button piercing, you can’t really go wrong with a simplistic crop top and mini skirt combo.

Body con dresses


Sexy and revealing, but how do you move in that? Pairing it with heels means you can’t walk or dance all night, so you just have to stand there and look pretty. At least you grab everyone’s attention at the bar. Free drinks all night anyone?

Chav chic


Every uni has a handful of these nonchalant ravers. The Adidas tracksuit, Nike bag and matching trainers are key to what’s probably the most comfortable look of the night. It’s much easier slut dropping in tracksuits than tight mini skirts or jeans.

The rugby guy


Martin, Biomedical Sciences, second year

It’s a bizarre look, carried over from private school where it’s acceptable to wear matching brown blazers, rugby ties, and “my father will hear about this” chinos.

The hilarious rugby guy


Check out the fresher on the left: he’s gone all out and worn his socks and shorts with the blazer and tie. 10/10 for effort.

The laid back look


Jess, English, first year

A cool look if you can pull it off, this outfit benefits from not requiring any tugging to make sure you’re not accidentally revealing bits you’re not meant to.

The over-sized shirt


Unbelievably comfortable and paired with black skinny jeans for endless necessary slut-dropping flexibility. Fantastic for waving your hands in the air as the oversized sleeves wave about like wings.

The VK guy look


Micky, Psychology, third year

When we need something hideously artificial and sweet the VK sellers are always there for us in our time of need. They don’t judge us for our 14-year-old drinking habits and better yet if anything spills on them, their classic all black uniform hides it.